and Conclusions

This page is for you to comment on some of the resources you find interesting on the Web. Copy the link of the concrete resource and briefly explain how you will use it in the classroom. You can also comment on some conclusions.
It is nice to revise the planets and to kow how different our weight is in every one.
Very useful. It provides real native input, and plenty of fresh expressions. Loads of articles, news, podcasts, experiments and eye catching materials.
Some updated students might want to know about volcanoes, and environmental issues. These themes are crucial these days.
thenakedscientists.JPG Once you register, you are able to create your own maps! A step forward in Geography map sessions. Great topics with three tasks to be done: You play on a topic, then read information and finally get a quiz to assess your learning. One sight is enough to see the human body from the inside classified in all
This Web Page is rather worthy because it is not only intended for teachers but also for parents and students. Thus, the students can work at their own pace at home developing their autonomous learning. Besides, students can work on a wide range of subjects: Maths, PE, Biology… with videos and encouraging activities. Awesome interactive maps. Test yourself!
Good for practising new vocabulary of living things in nature.
It can be interesting for students to know many differences things explained by an astronaut.
Students have a large variety about healthy and sports. They have the text, activities and test.
**** A treasure hunt about THE BRITISH MUSEUM.