The Web

4. Using the Web for teaching and learning Englishordenador2.jpg

4.1 Authentic and non - authentic resources Link 1 Link 2Link 3Link 4
4.2 Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc. Link 1
4.3 Listening and speaking on the Web Link 1
4.4 Audio podcasts and video resources Link 1 Link 2

5. Using the Web to teach and learn English in collaboration

5.1 Introduction
5.2 Collaborative strategies:
5.2.1 Treasure hunts, Link 1
5.2.2 WebTasks, Link 1potter.jpg
5.2.3 WebQuests, project work, etc. Link 1 Link 2
5.2.4 WebQuests for second languages Link 1Examples
Templates Example

A Model of WebQuest for Teaching and Learning an L2 (pdf)
Webquest: a collaborative strategy to teach content and language on the Web