1. Introduction
1.1 Using New Technologies / ICT in Language Teaching and Learning
1.2 Roles
1.3 Factors to be considered

2. Multimedia Software
2.1 Textbook and Grammar CD Roms. Link
2.2 Dictionaries, Corpora and Encyclopaedias. Link
2.3 Games and other multimedia
2.4 Learning vocabulary on the Web Link

3. Non - Content Software
3.1 Word processors. Link
3.2 Presentations. Example 1 Examples 2
3.4 Others, ExampleGlogster
3.2 Reading on the computer screen (brief review)

Fostering Vocabulary Acquisition through Self-learning Tools and Electronic Dictionaries
The Word Processor in the English Classroom (Part 1). A Visual and Colourful Way of Working with Vocabulary
The Word Processor in The English Classroom (Part 2). From Simple to more Complex Tasks
La lectura en un entorno de enseƱanza de lenguas asistida por ordenador (elao) y en especial en la web